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articulation therapy

What Parents Say

My speech therapy program for children has received excellent reviews from my students and their families. Parents have commented on their children’s improved communication and confidence, while kids have referred to their therapy sessions as “fun” and “helpful.” I am dedicated to creating a positive and effective learning environment for each child I work with.

Excellent Reviews From Families

Jen is a wonderful educator and person. She consistently shows that she cares for your child during and after each session. On top of being incredibly knowledgeable in her field, she is attentive, communicative, engaging, and professional.

 Jen spent the time to come up with different interactive strategies to keep our daughter's interest. Our daughter, who will be 4 in a couple of months, is now speaking in clear sentences and is almost caught up with her peers in terms of language.

Jennifer is amazing with our son, and he's shown dramatic improvement in articulation and pronunciation since he started working with her. She also works with his teachers at school to ensure a consistent practice with his therapy. 


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