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Help your child thrive!

At Children's Speech Therapy, I understand the importance of helping children overcome communication challenges. I provide a wide range of services for children with speech and language difficulties. Remember, I'll travel to your child! Let me help your child thrive!




Articulation Therapy

Articulation therapy helps your child produce and shape age appropriate speech sounds accurately.  Your child may substitute, omit, add, or change various speech sounds or entire speech sound patterns.  For example, your child may produce or substitute sounds that are made in the back of the mouth (e.g., “k” and “g”) with sounds that are made in the front of the mouth (e.g., “t” and “d”).


Language Therapy

Oral language is composed of both expressive (use) and receptive (understanding) language.  Therapy for expressive language focuses on your child’s ability to express his/her thoughts

and feelings through communication.  Expressive language also includes your child’s use

of vocabulary and grammar.  Therapy for receptive language  focuses on your child’s ability

to understand spoken language and follow directions. Receptive language refers to your child’s

ability to attend to, process, comprehend, retain, or integrate spoken language.

Language therapy addresses children with delays or disorders in the following areas:

  • Listening Skills- Your child’s ability to understand what is being said and follow directions.


  • Grammar Skills- Your child’s ability to understand and use grammatical markers to form complete and varied sentences.


  • Vocabulary Skills- Your child’s knowledge of what things are called and the ability to understand those words when spoken as well as to recall and say the word when needed.


  • Question Skills- Your child’s ability to answer and ask questions with a variety of structures.



Social/ Pragmatic  Language Therapy

Social Language Therapy (pragmatics) focuses on your child’s ability to use language to interact with others and follow social rules of conversation and play. Specific instruction of social skills can be incorporated into therapy goals.

Language Therapy
Social Language Therapy
Articulation Therapy
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